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Yaser Mehrez , Anaesthetist Milton Keynes

Dr. Yaser Mehrez


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So far I have been visiting this doctor 6 times during twin pregnancy. The doctor made a good impression on me with his personality and calm temperament. The doctor very professionally performs the ultrasound, but unfortunately does not make notes of visits and for this reason, I often have to remind him of our earlier findings. After all, it is a worthy specialist.

The first doctor who successfully diagnosed my condition. The doctor has commissioned a number of medical examination that I can do within the NHF and prescribed several drugs. It turned out, however, that I could not take one of them because of the allergy to the main ingredient. I mentioned this to the doctor during the visit, but maybe he forgot about it because he was a bit hot-headed and he finished the visit too fast. I give a neutral review because the doctor has helped me anyway.

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