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  • Hi, I have been diagnosed with depression but don’t feel sad? How is this possible. I take anti depressants now and don’t feel I need them

    I agree with Stephen but also want to emphasize that antidepressants are not just prescribed for Depression. They are indicated for array of conditions for example anxiety disorders, PTSD, etc. I would suggest to discuss this with prescriber and explore if there is a need to continue the treatment.

    Dr. Usman Anjum

  • Hi there ,

    I have been taking desvenlafaxine for nearly 3 weeks for panic attacks and depression. So far I am not noticing any effects and I feel really desperate. I am not going to work and I feel really unwell. Is this normal ? Previously I was on paroxetine for two years but it stopped working and the doctor asked me to switch.

    Many thanks

    I fully agree with Richard in above reply that drug treatment in isolation may sometimes be not enough and other factors need to be looked at possibly in form of psychological therapies. Saying that in the initial trials of desvenlafaxine Approx 40% of patients responded to the drug only at or after 8 weeks of treatment and complete therapeutic response was not always achieved in 8-week acute-phase clinical trials. Perseverance with medication might be the key if side effects are not unbearable.

    Dr. Usman Anjum

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