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What are the risks of intervention...

What are the risks of intervention for trigger finger and what does it consist of?

Mr. Hagen Schumacher
Mr. Hagen Schumacher Plastic surgeon Huntingdon
This is very minor surgery and can be done under local anaesthetic.
It usually involves a short cut (=incision) in the palm and then cutting of the pulley which holds your tendon close to the bone.
The aim is to release the tissue which restricts tendon movement.
Outcome is usually good with immediate improvement.
Risks are nerve or tendon injury, infection, bleeding, scar problems and uncommonly stiffness or pain syndrome.
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Two weeks ago I had an operation...

Two weeks ago I had an operation on 4 fingers on my left hand (excluding my thumb) since they have trigger finger. They also freed the carpel tunnel on the same hand. I keep getting a tingling sensation, pain and resistance when flexing the fingers. From time to time a feel my fingers grinding when I move them. Is this normal?

Mr. Hagen Schumacher
Mr. Hagen Schumacher Plastic surgeon Huntingdon
The flexor tendon are running alongside the median nerve through the carpal tunnel.
It is therefore possible on flexor tendon movements to irritate this nerve which can cause tingling.
Sometimes the tissues surrounding the tendons (=synovium) can be inflamed. This is often the case in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and can cause pain and resistance on tendon movements.
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I had surgery on my flexor tendon...

I had surgery on my flexor tendon of my right ring finger, they kept it in a spring loaded splint, I bent it as far as I could and extension is difficult, the doctor injected it with cortisone and it improved for a few days but the problem returned. If I have surgery to free the tendon, what's the risk of my being left with a stiff finger or have any limit in movement as I'm a guitarrist and need full flexibility in my fingers by dividing my flexor sheath. What after effects will it have?

Mr. Hagen Schumacher
Mr. Hagen Schumacher Plastic surgeon Huntingdon
After surgery, healing can take a long time and after about 6-9 months things don't change a lot anymore.
Early corrective surgery can be considered after 3 months.
For that reason I would try non-surgical measures such as physiotherapy first for 6-9 months before considering corrective surgery.
For high-demand patients such as musicians treatment should be more intense with closer physiotherapy follow up and a lower threshold to operate to correct extensor lag.
However, it is important to understand that operations can have complications which can make things worse. For flexor tendon freeing procedures (=adhesiolysis) this includes stiffness, pain, nerve injury.
Patients should balance pros and cons of their current situation with the expected benefits and complication risks of surgery.
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