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Dental problems caused by Dentist...

Dental problems caused by Dentist [bridge work - Abscess - root canal treatment - drilled through root tip - cyst formed on root tip - not found for 15 years - bridges removed and replaced 3 times - apocectomy procedure performed by oral surgeon - 3 other dentists who only wanted to perform cosmetic what should i do?

Dr. Jerôme Sebah
Dr. Jerôme Sebah Hygienist, Dentist London
Hi ,is it still infected even after the apicectomy ?
I would recommend to retreat the canals but no apicectomy .
If you had a recent xray that you could email, that would really help.
Best regards
Dr Jerome Sebah
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I have heard that root canals are...

I have heard that root canals are very painful. I have to have one done. What can I expect?

Dr. Richard Lilleker
Dr. Richard Lilleker Dentist Basingstoke
In my experience root treatment is usually not painful. It is mainly carried out on a dead nerve so there is no nerve to feel anything - sometimes anaesthetic is not even needed!

Afterwards some tenderness of the area is to be expected.
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What professionals perform Root canal?

Julian Bone
Csilla Ehreth
Andrew Michael Hopkins
East Grinstead
Richard Lilleker
Steve Mathew