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Nombres alternativos: Trastorno alimentario, anorexia.Transtorno alimentario.

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Following hysterotomy 4 months...

Following hysterotomy 4 months ago, I do not seem to be ovulating. I use Clearblue Ovulation Fertility Monitor. It has shown 5 High Fertility days in a row but no ovulation. I was ovulating prior to the surgery for 6 years without a fail. Is it a hormonal problem?

 Shamim Byrne
Shamim Byrne Family planner, Gynaecologist Nottingham
The hysteroscopy is unlikely to be the cause of you not ovulating.Ovulation, depends on several factors one of which is hormonal. It is advisable to see a specialist whowill go through your history and can do blood test ideally 7 days before your period is due to see if you have ovulated or not.
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A local anaesthetic is used? How...

A local anaesthetic is used? How is a Histeroscopy administered?

Mr. Mostafa Metwally
Mr. Mostafa Metwally Gynaecologist Sheffield
It depends on the reason why a hysteroscopy is needed, usually it is performed under a general anaesthetic
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What happens exactly during an...

What happens exactly during an hysteroscopy?

Dr. David Charles Hunter
Dr. David Charles Hunter Gynaecologist Belfast
Hysteroscopy is a test when a narrow telescope is inserted through the vagina and cervix and into the womb cavity. the womb cavity is then gently distended (blown up) using gas or fluid so that all of the cavity can be clearly seen. Most procedures are performed without the need for anaesthetic: sometimes local anaesthetic is used in the cervix if the cervix has to be opened a little or if treatment inside the womb is necessary (if a polyp, septum or fibroid is to be removed). Crampy pains are not unusual but these should not be much worse than period type pains. Occasionally a general anaesthetic will be administered if the cervix is very tight or if longer treatments to the inside of the womb are being performed.
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What professionals perform Hysteroscopy?

Andrew Baxter
Hugh Byrne
Kausik Das
Tom Farrell
Anthony Griffiths
Yulia Gurtovaya