Female Surgical Sterilization, Manchester

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  • Prabha Sivaraman - Gynaecologist Rochdale

    Dr. Prabha Sivaraman


    • 17 St John Street, Manchester

      Medical Practice

    • Delaunays Road, Crumpsall

      North Manchester General Hospital

    Excellent standard of care from start to finish by Dr Sivaraman & her team. I found nd her very approachable & understanding throughout, she listened to my concerns & explained everything clearly. I made a very fast recovery & was able to return back to my usual exercise routine & lifestyle within 6 weeks of the operation, running 6 miles without any difficulty by this point. …more
    First visit Gynaecology £175

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  • Sachchidananda Maiti - Gynaecologist Manchester

    Mr. Sachchidananda Maiti

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Family Planner

    • Pall Mall Court 61 King Street, Manchester

      Pall Mall Medical - Manchester

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