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  • Richard Fry - Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Winchester

    Dr. Richard Fry

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist

    • Oakley Green, Windsor

      Cardinal Clinic

    My son who is 7 has had problems from being very young, no social interaction, fidgety, dgety, in a world of his own, sensory issues, behavioiral issues, inability to recognise or read others emotions etc. We have been having problems throughout nursery and in his early years at school, so much so that in year 2, I was approached by the school to be told that they didn't think he would cope in year 3 moving forward into prep school. We went to see Dr Fry who immediately recognised the difficulties we were having and commenced treatment, firstly testing him for food intolerances. It soon became apparent that my son has a huge intolerance to dairy, this was discovered by Dr Fry and the difference in my son is absolutely astounding, so much so that he now starts year 3 and prep school in September. I cannot praise Dr Fry enough he has totally transformed my childs life. If you are considering seeing a Dr for similar issues to what we have been through I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him. The communication with Jenny his PA and Dr Fry is amazing. If you have any concerns or changes they deal with it straight away, I'm sure we will continue to see Dr Fry throughout our sons childhood. …more

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