Breast lift with reduction, West Yorkshire

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  • Ajay Mahajan - Cosmetic Surgeon Bingley

    Prof. Ajay Mahajan

    Cosmetic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon

    • Bradford Road , Bingley

      Capio Yorkshire Clinic

    • Elland Lane, Elland

      Spire Elland Hospital

    Having reached retirement age, I have a bucket list! One of the many being the removal emoval of my 25 year old implants: not because of any problems (have had none) but purely for my potential recovery rate. I visited two consultants, Prof Ajay Mahajan being my third, before finding someone who listened, answered my questions in layman terms and made me feel relaxed and treated me like an “individual” patient, instead of another statistic. I went ahead with the procedure 22/1/2020. From entering the Yorkshire Clinic to leaving the following day I was treated with care, kindness from the staff and particularly Prof Mahajan. He has written to my GP – copied letters to myself, three times; keeping them up-to-date with the whole process and results. I am now into my 4th week and recovering superbly – which I can, wholeheartedly, attribute to this top surgeon. Thank you so much. …more