Arthroscopic knee surgery, Droitwich Spa

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  • Jonathan Charles Luscombe - Orthopaedic surgeon Droitwich

    Mr. Jonathan Charles Luscombe

    Orthopaedic surgeon

    • St Andrew's Road , Droitwich

      BMI The Droitwich Spa Hospital

    • 29 Worcester Road (Hawthorns) Droitwich Spa, Droitwich Spa

      Joint Clinic

    Excellent: Caring, considerate, very professional. I felt like he genuinely recognised nised the pain I am suffering and was happy to make suggestions to help me get the surgery I need. Mr Luscombe treated me as an individual and I cannot thank him enough. Could be improved: Nothing comes to mind needing improvement. …more
  • Kirti Moholkar - Orthopaedist Droitwich Spa

    Mr. Kirti Moholkar

    Orthopaedist, Orthopaedic surgeon

    • 29 Worcester Road , Droitwich Spa

      Droitwich Knee Clinic

    I had a complete knee replacement and Mr Moholkar, his team and Ward 12 couldn't have been more efficient and helpful. The physio came 3 times and I was confident with stairs, showering and doing the essential exercises. Now painfree and back to my old active life, thank you so much. …more

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  • Andrew Pearse - Orthopaedic surgeon Droitwich Spa

    Mr. Andrew Pearse

    Orthopaedic surgeon

    • Spire South Bank Hospital 139 Bath Road Worcester, Droitwich Spa

      Medical Practice

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