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Have had a cough for over 4 years....

Have had a cough for over 4 years. Told I have catarah or could be acid reflux. 4 weeks after surgery for repair still coughing. Wondered if it could be result of allergies?

Dr. Dr Bernadette Coker
Dr. Dr Bernadette Coker Internist, Pneumologist London
yes, it is entirely possible. Please present with your symptoms to a specialist respiratory clinic to have it resolved.
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Are allergy tests carried out on...

Are allergy tests carried out on an empty stomache?

Dr. Bushra Ibrahim Al-Rubeyi
Dr. Bushra Ibrahim Al-Rubeyi Paediatrician London
No, there is no need to have an empty stomach for the allergy testing. If the allergy test is performed on the skin, (skin prick test ot patch test) then it is important to make sure that the patient did not have antihistamine for minimum of 5 days prior to the test. for the blood test you do not need to be fasting and no need to stop the antihistamines. hope this clarify.
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My son is about to be tested for...

My son is about to be tested for allergies. Which method gives the best results - skin pricks or blood tests?

Dr. Michael Rudenko
Dr. Michael Rudenko Allergist London
Both tests are important as they look at sensitisation from different angles. Sometimes we do both tests, but everything starts with consultation. We can test for more than 400 allergens and right selection of what allergens we are testing for can give information that help to make correct diagnosis and treatment
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What professionals perform Allergy testing?

Ravishankar B Sargur
Anton Alexandroff
Claudia DeGiovanni
Murtuza Asif Khan
Alexander Michael Marsland