What is better - a dental implant...

What is better - a dental implant or a crown and bridge?

Dr. Richard Lilleker
Dr. Richard Lilleker Dentist Basingstoke
An implant is a false tooth supported by a titanium screw into the jaw, like a root. A bridge is a false tooth supported by an adjacent tooth. The answer to the question depends on many factors including the health of the adjacent teeth, the amount of bone to screw into etc. Ask your dentist.

There are few black and white answers to health issues. Which option you decide on will depend on you and the state of your teeth and mouth. In brief, if you dont want to have the teeth on either side of the gap to be drilled into, then you would investigate the possibility of having an implant. There are many reasons why an implant may not be possible. Best you have a quick consultation with a dentist to work out what is best for you.

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