Hi, I'm really concerned about my husband. He damaged his right hand after crashing his mountain bike , 20 weeks ago He attended Raigmore hospital, Inverness. He has had x-rays that showed no broken bones. He had a ct scan that also showed nothing. He then eventually had a Mri scan 2 months ago the results have been back about 6 weeks now. Our local Doctor in Fort Augustus has informed my husband that there is a lot of damage but there has been no word back from Raigmore as to what kind of treatment he should receive. We are both worried that the longer this injury is left untreated that will result in longer permanent damage. We don't actually know what to do about this except wait. Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks,
Dawn Gilchrist.
Mr. Dave Cloke
Mr. Dave Cloke
Orthopaedic surgeon
North Shields
Impossible to comment without the MRI result in all honesty

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