Prolapsed disc C4 C5 causing arm...

Prolapsed disc C4 C5 causing arm pain . Will artificial disc replacements completely cure the pain with no future problems ?

Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen
Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen Medico legal expert, Neurosurgeon London
Artificial Disc replacement has not been proven yet to be superior to the traditional discectomy and fusion

Mr. Imran Liaquat
Mr. Imran Liaquat Neurosurgeon Edinburgh
A prolapsed disc causing arm pain due to nerve root entrapment "trapped nerve" can be managed through a number of different types of operations on the Cervical Spine with the aim of relieving the pressure on the nerve and thereby giving the best chance of relieving the arm pain. An Anterior Cervical Decompression and Disc Replacement can help relieve pain in the arm in 90 % of patients. It will not help relieve any longstanding or chronic mechanical neck pain. However, there is around a 10-15% chance of developing similar nerve related arm pain over time.This may be due to the development of degenerative changes at the same level where surgery was performed, but more commonly due to nerve root entrapment immediately above or below the level of surgery.

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