My wife is covered in sores and is constantly itching we think it may be caused by a reaction to medication, her GP said come back in a month but she is at her wits end with her condition. What do you advise?
Dr. Adam Friedmann
Dr. Adam Friedmann

To better advise a few photographs to be able to advise would be appreciated.

Best wishes,

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic

 Dr Vinod Elangasinghe Elangasinghe
Dr Vinod Elangasinghe Elangasinghe
It is best to book to see a dermatologist and bring a good summary of her full past medical history along with a list of all medications given with its timings from when to when.
Duration of rash, distribution and symptoms are all very important in making a diagnosis.
If she has had any blood tests over the last 3 months it would be handy to have them as well to give advice
Best wishes

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