Is there genetic predisposition...

Is there genetic predisposition for having a lot of moles? Having a big amount of them means that there is higher chance of skin cancer?

Dr. Andrew Affleck
Dr. Andrew Affleck Dermatologist Dundee
Studies have shown that your risk can be estimated by the presence of these risk factors and other acquired risk factors eg. several episodes of bad sun-burn as a child.
The more risk factors, the greater the chance of life-time melanoma.

Dr. Anshoo Sahota
Dr. Anshoo Sahota Dermatologist Highgate
Melanoma genetics is complex but there is a genetic component to having lots of moles. If you have more than 200 moles, if you have abnormal moles, if you or a close family member have had a melanoma, then all these count as genetic risk factors for development of melanoma. These risk factors do not apply to non-melanoma skin cancers.

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