I have my left breast implant encapsulated and I want to remove the capsule and change my implants. I want to know how long should I wait before I can hold my 2 years old daughter ? She always ask to be in my arms and I’m scare to do it to quick and create the same problem
 Ahmed Abd EL Gawad
Ahmed Abd EL Gawad
Cosmetic surgeon, Plastic surgeon
Dear , I hope you well.
I would highly recommend you waiting for 6 weeks at least after surgery.

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Mr. Richard Price
Mr. Richard Price
Cosmetic surgeon, Plastic surgeon
I would have thought about 2 weeks but I am not aware of any evidence or science for this. The risk of early exercise or lifting would be internal bleeding, which can lead to a capsular contracture. I am not aware that movement itself increases your risk of cc.

Once you’re past the period when bleeding is a risk, then it would be down to personal comfort.

Good luck

Richard Price

Mr. Jonathan Staiano
Mr. Jonathan Staiano
Cosmetic surgeon
Hi there, I agree with Richard. There should be no real harm in holding your daughter. A capsule is caused by scar tissue forming around the implant which gradually contracts over time. Once you are relatively comfortable after surgery, it should be fine to hold your daughter.

 Monika Kaushik
Monika Kaushik
Cosmetic surgeon, General surgeon
I would agree 2 weeks to hold your daughter. It also depends on your comfort. I would recommend to wear a good supportive bra at all times.

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