I have heart failure..
After HA in 2004, was left with AF, had pacemaker last year, followed by AV node ablation,
My heart is enlarged, and have an EF of 200..
Have struggled with high BP, for years, and obviously. Heart failure,
But this year has been extremely stressful for me, for private reasons,
With my husband..
I was devastated when I was allocated to the heart failure clinic..
Thinking I had less than a year to live, and my husband in a care home, made it worse,
I was having major breathing problems, last July, was taken into hospital,
No further blockages after angiogram, but told heart failure worsened,
Since I’ve had my BP meds increased, I’m on Bisoprolol to,
And furosemide..
Plus regular thyroid, and I’ve just started a new anticoagulant Apixaban,
They want me also to go onto a new drug, Entresto shortly,
I’ve felt. less breathless since I have my BP under co trol.
I take losartin, and spironolactin. ..
Do you think and I’m feeling I should recommend a magnesium, that is easy to take..
I gag on large pills,
My age is 74, female, and did quite well health wise, after my HA, but
Seems though time is running out .. is there life with heart failure ?
Many thanks..????
Dr. Matt Faircloth
Dr. Matt Faircloth
There is indeed life with heart failure but discussing this is very important, especially the balance of side effects of drugs if they are unpleasant. However, the drugs you mention seem a good combination. These drugs have trial evidence showing their value in extending life and improving symptoms so are very valuable. I don’t understand your question re magnesium but don’t think it is necessary from what you’ve mentioned. There is good data for entresto so I would be happy with that drug.
I’m sure your cardiologist has either given you, or considered the need for, a biventricular pacemaker, but you could check this. Also whether the pacemaker should have a defibrillator component to it.
Hope this helps.

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