I have fibroids & ovarian cysts...

I have fibroids & ovarian cysts which are causing a great deal of pain & too often I need to empty my bladder day & night, as I am 48 would I be able to have a hyterectomy?

Mr. Shaheen Khazali
Mr. Shaheen Khazali Gynaecologist London
Yes, hysterectomy should be offered to you as an option and at 48 with symptomatic fibroids, it would be a good option.

Your gynaecologist will be able to discuss this as well as the alternatives to hysterectomy, having considered your personal circumstances and the findings of the ultrasound.

Mr. Ali Kucukmetin
Mr. Ali Kucukmetin Gynaecologist, Obstetrician Newcastle upon Tyne
Hysterectomy is an option. You need to see a gynaecologist and have an ultrasound and also blood test to check markers for ovarian cysts.
It could be possible to do it via key hole surgery depending on the investigations and examination findings.

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