I have been diagnosed after having...

I have been diagnosed after having a baby with a liver hemangioma. Every day I have pain on my right side around the rib cage. I went and saw a specialist and he said it is nothing to be concerned about. But it gets worse when I do exercise and I am constantly tired and got no energy?(bloods-normal)

Mr. Mark Alexander Taylor
Mr. Mark Alexander Taylor Gastrointestinal surgeon, General surgeon Belfast
Thanks for your question. Firstly liver hemangioma is a benign lump and can be found in 2% of the population. It is important that the imaging used has clearly demonstrated the features of an haemangioma. We tend to rely on a MRI scan of liver.
In the majority of people we simply reassure and do not suggest surgery. In extremely rare situations were the patient is extremely symptomatic or where they has been a rare complication we would operate.
Symptoms that get worse with exercise are not typical and tend to be found in musculoskeletal conditions. Similarly it would be very difficult to link tiredness with a diagnosis of haemangioma. I would suggest seeing your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing.

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