I am experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders, weakness in my uppers arms- which ache if I lift them and most worryingly a numbness and tingling on the right hand side of my face and head. pins and needles in right hand, the back of this hand is numb. Symptoms began on the right hand side and have now started to affect left hand side. I have been experiencing these symptoms for three months. MRI shows nothing abnormal. Nor do blood tests. Can you advise?
Dr. Giles Elrington
Dr. Giles Elrington
It would help to know your age, whether or not neurological examination is normal. Was MRI of neck or head (or both)? The neurological examination is the key matter in giving a possible diagnosis. Occasionally MRI is normal in early multiple sclerosis (which normally begins age 20-40); conversely there are many people with symptoms like this who are normal to examine in whom no diagnosis is achieved and recovery occurs naturally in time. I think a consultation with an experienced neurologist might be helpful.

 Vaneet Khanna
Vaneet Khanna
Internist, Neurologist
Are you taking any offending prescription drugs

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