Back pain since early 20s then...

Back pain since early 20s then lumbar discitis 2009. Daily moderate pain/stiffness limits any lifting or sitting/standing in one position. Increasingly more prone to acute spasm episodes.Physiotherapy & Naproxen unhelpful. Is there a steroid injection for pain or anything else other than surgery?

Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen
Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen Medico legal expert, Neurosurgeon London
All steroid injections (usually combined with Local anaesthetic agents) are palliative, short lasting and should be spaced by few months at least to minimise their side effects.
Physiotherapy should be in the form of active back exercises to strengthen the muscles and reduce the joint stiffness not the passive message.
The Pain Specialist are the appropriate expert to be consulted when surgical treatment has been ruled out by the spinal surgeon.

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