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Richard Fry 5/14/19

Very good question. No one really knows the answer to that one. But it is likely to be a generalised neurotransmitter effect. though some would argue that it is dopamine specific. Nothing is a 'magic… More

Richard Fry 5/14/19

Depends a bit on where you are. If in the UK the relevant legislation is the Equality Act 2010. Probably best to search that online and read the guide. It is probable that you would be so classified… More

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Giles Elrington 6/11/19

MS symptoms usually recover naturally in the early years of the illness. In some but not all MS patients it can be helpful to look at any possible change on MRI even when the patient feels well.

Prabha Sivaraman 6/3/19

Cost of reversal of sterilization or any surgical procedure in the private sector is better estimated from the private hospital of your choice. The surgeon’s fees are only a portion of the total cost… More

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Jerry Draper-Rodi 7/12/19

Hi, you may find the NHS page on sciatica useful (I can't share the link apparently sorry).

I have written some posts on back pain and leg pain that you can find on my website (I can't… More

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