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Most answered questions in last 30 days
Dr. Richard Fry
Dr. Richard Fry
Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Psychiatrist
Just looking at the drug treatment in isolation may not be enough. What else has changed? If nothing (unlikely as things change all the time!) and it really is just about the biology alone you…
2 answers

Good afternoon,

we would need all of your details, please could you call the practice?
2 answers

 Judith Geddes
Judith Geddes
Mental health specialist, Psychologist
You could try EMDR.
3 answers
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Judith Desbonne
Judith Desbonne
Mental health specialist, Psychotherapist


Answers given in last 30 days

Usman Anjum
Usman Anjum
Psychiatrist, Mental health specialist


Answers given in last 30 days


Answers given in last 30 days

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