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Most answered questions in last 30 days
Dr. Matt Faircloth
Dr. Matt Faircloth
It is quite likely that an ICD would be beneficial in terms of reducing long term risks. A biventricular pacemaker/ICD might be indicated depending on the ECG (specifically the QRS duration).…
7 answers

you can call nhs dental practices in your area and explain the problem or call nhs dental emergency services for an appointment.
3 answers

Mr. Giovanni Domenico Tebala
Mr. Giovanni Domenico Tebala
Colorectal surgeon, Gastrointestinal surgeon
I would not consider surgery just for the presence of an 'abnormal' gallbladder with a stone unless she has symptoms.
If she has pain - typical biliary pain I mean - or jaundice…
2 answers
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Haresh Devalia
Haresh Devalia
Cosmetic surgeon, General surgeon


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Ronak Rajani
Ronak Rajani


Answers given in last 30 days

David Ramsdale
David Ramsdale


Answers given in last 30 days

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