• Andrew Parker - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Andrew Parker


    • 11-19 Lisson Grove, London

      Capio Nightingale Hospital

    Excellent: I had been struggling for a long time with anxiety and depression. Dr Parker was brilliant...
    First visit Psychiatry £350
  • Richard Fry - Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

    Dr. Richard Fry

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist

    • Sarum Road, Winchester

      BMI Sarum Road Hospital

    • Sarum Road Hospital, Old Sarum Road, Winchester

      Medical Practice

    Excellent: Dr Fry is a calm, patient, and caring practitioner whose child centred approach and services...
    First visit Psychiatry £385
  • Dimitrios Paschos - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Dimitrios Paschos


    • 24–26 St Thomas Street (Keats House), London

      Medical Practice

    • 45 Queen Anne Street, London

      Re:cognition Health

    Dr Paschos diagnosed my husband with ADHD and was incredibly kind and knowledgable. My husband had previously...
  • Meetu Singh Sonsati - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Meetu Singh Sonsati


    • 52 Frederick Road, Birmingham

      The Oaktree Clinic

    Excellent: Relaxing environment, caring and efficient staff. I felt listened to and well supported. Dr...
    Adult mental health assesment and treatment £200
  • Nagore Benito - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Nagore Benito


    • 10 Knaresborough Place, London

      Medical Practice

    • 10 Knaresborough Place, Kensington

      The Medical Chambers Kensington

    I have a long-standing mental disorder and unfortunately have had to deal with quite a few psychiatrists...
  • Mohammed Alsaidi - Mental Health Specialist

    Dr. Mohammed Alsaidi

    Mental Health Specialist, Psychiatrist

    • 1 Harley street, London

      Medical Practice

    He is a very good listener and is passionate about his job.
  • Richard Redmond O'Flynn - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Richard Redmond O'Flynn


    • 8 Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds

      West Suffolk Cbt

    • St. Marys Square, Bury St Edmunds

      Bmi St Edmunds Hospital

    I've sat in front of dozens upon dozens of mental health professionals in a lifetime of psychiatric problems...
    First visit Psychiatry £360
  • Amir Bashir - Medico Legal Expert

    Dr. Amir Bashir

    Medico Legal Expert, Psychiatrist

    • London Psychiatric Clinic - 7 Harley Street, London

      Medical Practice

    • 500 Edgware Road, London

      Medical Practice

    Dr Amir Bashir provided excellent resources in a difficult period. The facilities are comfortable and...
  • Elza Eapen - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Elza Eapen


    • London

      Medical Practice

    she is amazing - she is only late because she gives people the time they need - not a clock watcher -...
  • Simone Jane England - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Simone Jane England


    • The Chase, Old Milverton Lane, Leamington Spa

      Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital

    • 21 Woodbourne Road Edgbaston , Birmingham

      Woodbourne Priory Clinic

    After years of being either misdiagnosed and untreated, I saw Dr England as a last resort. This woman...
  • Roy Kenneth Chad - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Roy Kenneth Chad


    • Woodland Way Broomfield , Chelmsford

      Linden Centre

    dr roy chad is a top pychiatrist in his field of work i am very happy with the treatment i recieved...
  • Lisetta Marianne Lomas Lovett - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Lisetta Marianne Lomas Lovett


    • Academic Unit of Community Psychiatry Keele University School of Medicine Richmond Terrace, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent

      The Bennett Centre

    An outstanding practitioner. She showed sympathetic interest throughout, was very thorough and understanding.
  • Christopher Leslie Kelly - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Christopher Leslie Kelly


    • Sheffield

      Medical Practice

    • Thorne Road , Doncaster

      Capio Park Hill Hospital

    Excellent: Excellent consultant. Attention to detail and takes time to listen and understand. Could...
  • Malcolm Henry Kinnear - Psychiatrist

    Dr. Malcolm Henry Kinnear


      Dr Kinnear is awesome. He understands me like an open book. Saved my life and world in one day. Love...
    • Michael Bond - Medico Legal Expert

      Dr. Michael Bond

      Medico Legal Expert, Psychiatrist

      • 38 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Birmingham

        Medical Practice

      I had my appointment with Mr Bond today, I was made to feel very relaxed and for once I felt I was listened...
    • Iqbal Mohiuddin BSc(Hons) HGDip DipCBT MRCPsych FHEA - General Psychiatrist

      Dr. Iqbal Mohiuddin BSc(Hons) HGDip DipCBT MRCPsych FHEA

      General Psychiatrist , Psychiatrist

      • Wendover Way, Luton

        Medical Practice

      • Calnwood Road, Luton

        Sept Luton & Central Bedfordshire Mental Health Unit

      Dr Iqbal is kind and compassionate and listens to your problems
    • Tiago Reis Marques - Psychiatrist

      Dr. Tiago Reis Marques


      • 27 Harley Street, London

        Ume Diagnostics - Harley Street

      Excellent: Dr Tiago is a highly skilled professional who listens to his patients, and truly understands...
    • Mark Silvert - Psychiatrist

      Dr. Mark Silvert


      • 85 Wimpole Street, London

        The Blue Tree Clinic

      Excellent: Dr Silvert was very understanding and helped me through my symptoms and allowed me to start...
    • Kanwal Krishan Bindal - Psychiatrist

      Dr. Kanwal Krishan Bindal


      • , Omagh

        9 Georgian Villas

      Excellent: A truely professional doctor who had a heart of gold and would have helped, beyond expectations,...
    • Alberto Pertusa - Psychiatrist

      Dr. Alberto Pertusa


      • 85 Wimpole Street, London

        Medical Practice

      Excellent: Unfortunately I have had to see several psychiatrists in the past. Seeing a psychiatrist is...
      First visit Psychiatry from £500