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Usage of Halciderm

Indications: Steroid-responsive conditions including eczema, psoriasis, non- infected otitis externa
Contra Indications: Do not dilute. Monitor patients with psoriasis closely. Use on acne (including rosacea), peri-oral dermatitis, scabies, leg ulcers, tuberculous, ringworm or viral skin disease. Untreated fungal or bacterial infections. Extensive or prolonged use in pregnancy. Continuous prophylactic use

Adverse and side effects

Cushingoid changes and adrenal Cushingoid changes and adrenal suppression. Skin atrophy, striae and telangiectasia. Velus hair growth

Special precautions

Limit use in children or on face to maximum 5 days. In infants, napkins and plastic pants may act as occlusive. Monitor use in psoriasis. Withdraw gradually after prolonged use

What professionals prescribe Halciderm?

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