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Usage of Disprin cv

Indications: To reduce risk of MI in patients with unstable angina or previous MI. To reduce risk of occlusive stroke and recurrent transient cerebral ischaemic attacks in patients with a history of such events. Prevention of graft occlusion following coronary by- pass surgery
Contra Indications: Active peptic ulceration, haemophilia, asthma

Adverse and side effects

Allergic or asthmatic reactions. GI intolerance

Special precautions

History of bronchospasm, aspirin/ anti-inflammatory induced allergies. Pregnancy (avoid at term). Lactation

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 Ramon Martos
Ramon Martos
Yes. No interactions between aspirin and insulin therapy.

Most of the patients with Diabetes Mellitus should receive aspirin 75 mg daily to prevent cardiovascular events
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Disprin CV contains aspirin 100mg which is a low dose used for cardiovascular prevention. Analgesic dose for treatment of migraine is much higher, around 1000mg. Such a dose can have side effects,…
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Disprin CV is a low dose aspirin for secondary prevention for cardiovascular (=CV) diseases, ie heart attack, stroke etc.
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