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Usage of Dicloflex

Indications: Musculo-skeletal disorders, including sprains, strains and back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, acute gout
Contra Indications: Aspirin/anti-inflammatory induced allergy, asthma. Active peptic ulcer. Last trimester of pregnancy

Adverse and side effects

Transient epigastric pain, GI upset, headache, oedema. Rarely blood dyshaemopoiesis, peptic ulcer, liver and kidney function abnormalities, skin reactions

Special precautions

Monitor patients on long-term treatment. History of GI lesions. Renal, hepatic or cardiac insufficiency. Hepatic porphyria. Haematological abnormalities. Elderly. Pregnancy, lactation

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Mr. Alistair Jepson
Mr. Alistair Jepson
Orthopaedist, Orthopaedic surgeon
You most certainly can - these differ in the ways they work and are safe to take together, in often if often works well as dicloflex if usually three times and day and cocodamol is up to four…
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