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Usage of Desferal

Indications: Treatment of chronic iron overload: transfusional haemosiderosis in patients receiving regular transfusions, eg, thalassaemia major; primary and secondary haemochromatosis in patients in whom concomitant disorders (eg, severe anaemia, hypoproteinaemia, renal or cardiac failure) preclude phlebotomy. Treatment of acute iron poisoning. For the diagnosis of iron storage disease and certain anaemias. Aluminium overload: in patients on maintenance dialysis for end stage renal failure where preventative measures (eg, reverse osmosis) have failed and with proven aluminium-related bone disease and/or anaemia, dialysis encephalopathy; and for diagnosis of aluminium overload. diagnosis of aluminium overload
Contra Indications: Hypersensitivity to desferrioxamine unless the patient can be desensitised

Adverse and side effects

Shock, injection site reactions. Rarely anaphylactic reactions, angioedema, retinal and lens changes, visual and hearing disturbance or loss, neurological disturbances, hypotension, growth retardation, renal impairment, rash, skin reactions, GI symptoms. Isolated cases of adult respiratory distress syndrome, blood dyscrasias. Yersinia and mucormycosis infections

Special precautions

Renal impairment. Pregnancy (especially first trimester), lactation. Development of infections during therapy; withdraw until resolved. Perform eye and hearing tests on long- term therapy. Withdraw if disturbances of vision or hearing occur. May produce seizures in patients with aluminium-related encephalopathy; pretreat with clonazepam. Monitor cardiac function in patients receiving vitamin C. Perform height and weight checks in children every three months. May cause CNS effects; do not drive or operate machinery

What professionals prescribe Desferal?

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