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Usage of Adipine mr

Indications: All grades of hypertension
Contra Indications: Cardiogenic shock, unstable angina, severe aortic stenosis, within a month of MI. Pregnancy, lactation

Adverse and side effects

Headache, flushing, dizziness, oedema, tachycardia, hypotension, GI disturbances, lethargy, paraesthesia, skin reactions, myalgia, tremor, visual disturbances, increased urinary frequency, hypersensitivity type jaundice (rare), gingival hyperplasia, gynaecomastia. MI, ischaemic pain (discontinue)

Special precautions

Poor cardiac reserve, heart failure, hepatic impairment, severe hypotension, diabetes, dialysis

Questions about Adipine mr

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Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
Adipine (=nifedipine) relaxes smooth muscles in the walls of arteries which leads to temporary increase in their diameter and improved blood flow. This is used in medicine in treatment of angina…
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