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Eating Disorder

Dr Silvert was very understanding and helped me through my symptoms and allowed me to start setting small motivational goals to overcome my thought patterns.

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Car parking in the area can be hard only at peak times.

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  • Hi, I have been diagnosed with depression but don’t feel sad? How is this possible. I take anti depressants now and don’t feel I need them

    I agree with all my colleagues here. Only your doctor will know your symptoms and why they diagnosed you with depression, I would hope they explained why, they did so. Best Wishes. Dr Mark Silvert

    Dr. Mark Silvert

  • Question about Schizophrenia

    What difference is an inner monalogue,opposed to auditory hallucinations or voices.
    What is good mental health,& is recovery achievable.will mental health ever be more than a problem,or issue.

    Hi there, thanks for your question. The difference between an inner monologue and hearing auditory hallucinations is that the inner monologue, is what we all experience , our internal thought process , not heard in external space. Voices as they are commonly referred to can be heard externally or internally and often talk about you in a third person fashion, often arguing or saying derogatory things to the patient or commanding them to do things that are often unpleasant. Good mental health is a good question, probably the ability to stay relaxed, feel that life is enjoyable and without fear or anxiety or mental health symptoms, like any other illness. Recovery is definitely possible. Dr Mark Silvert - The Blue Tree Clinic

    Dr. Mark Silvert

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