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  • Goldie Khera - General Surgeon

    Dr. Goldie Khera

    General Surgeon, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Lipidologist

    • 2 Montefiore Road, Hove

      The Montefiore Hospital

    I first met Mr Khera for a suspected blocked gallbladder,as I was suffering from jaundice and he thought it would most probably be gallstones and that an MRI scan would confirm this,which it did. But because I felt so ill at the time it was a very stressful time for myself and my family,but Mr Khera listened to my concerns and answered all my questions and also gave me his mobile number if I had any worries.The results came back as he suspected and I gave him a big hug as I was so relieved it wasn’t anything more serious. The keyhole surgery was successful with scars that healed very quickly and now you can hardly see! The next keyhole surgery was for a double inguinal hernia a few months after the first ,and again very successful and the scars hardly visible. Mr Khera has been an incredibly supportive surgeon and even now a year and 7 months after my operations I am still able to text him if I have any worries which to date I don’t! I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Khera. …more

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  • Fahad Farooqi - Cardiologist

    Dr. Fahad Farooqi

    Cardiologist, Lipidologist, Echocardiologist

    • Barley Lane, Goodmayes,, Goodmayes, Ilford

      King George Hospital

    • Roding Lane South, Redbridge, Ilford

      Spire Roding Hospital

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  • Rahat Ali Tauni - Endocrinologist

    Dr. Rahat Ali Tauni

    Endocrinologist, Metabolic Medicine Specialist, Lipidologist

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    • James Scott - Lipidologist

      Dr. James Scott


      • 49 Marylebone High Street , London

        London Medical

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