• Lance Nicholas Forbat - Cardiologist

    Dr. Lance Nicholas Forbat

    Cardiologist, Internist

    • The Glen Redland Hill Durdham Down, Bristol

      Spire Bristol Hospital

    • 3 Clifton Hill, Bristol

      Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital

    Based on personal experience over an extended period, I can highly recommend Dr. Lance Forbat in his...
    Coronary Angiography £635
  • Frank Murphy - Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Frank Murphy

    Gastroenterologist, Internist, Hepatologist

    • Sarum Road, Winchester

      BMI Sarum Road Hospital

    • Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh

      Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital

    Excellent: The ease of online booking, the general environment of the hospital and the professional diagnosis...
    First visit General internal Medicine £200
  • Syed Shaukat - Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Syed Shaukat

    Gastroenterologist, Internist

    • 30 New Road Impington, Cambridge

      Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

    • Hinchingbrooke Park , Huntingdon

      Hinchingbrooke Hospital

    Excellent: Polite, experienced, highly skilled Could be improved: Nothing
    First visit Gastro-Enterology £200
  • Simon Horner - Cardiologist

    Dr. Simon Horner

    Cardiologist, Internist

    • The Alexandra Hospital, Mill Lane, Cheadle, Cheshire, Manchester

      Medical Practice

    • Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Stepping Hill Hospital, Poplar Grove,, Stockport

      Medical Practice

    Excellent: I visited Dr. Horner following a routine medical assessment during which there was an irregular...
    First visit General internal Medicine £198
  • Anne Katherine Mier Jedrzejowicz - Internist

    Dr. Anne Katherine Mier Jedrzejowicz

    Internist, Pneumologist

    • The Ridgeway , Enfield

      Barnet & Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust

    • 164-178 Cromwell Road, London

      Bupa Cromwell Hospital

    Excellent: She is the most fantastic thorough specialist I've seen, I would highly recommend doctor Mier...
  • Amit Keiran John Mandal  - Echocardiologist

    Dr. Amit Keiran John Mandal

    Echocardiologist, Internist

    • Watford Road, Harrow

      St Marks Hospital

    • Wexham Street, Wexham, Slough

      Spire Thames Valley Hospital

    Dr Mandal spent a long time with me in the cardiology clinic to sort everything out even though he had...
  • Felix Chua - Internist

    Dr. Felix Chua

    Internist, Pneumologist

    • 120 Harley Street, London

      Medical Practice

    Dr. Chua was the third doctor my father saw. Very helpful, answered all our questions, suggested a few...
  • Mazn Karmo - Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Mazn Karmo

    Gastroenterologist, Internist

    • Wrexham Road, Chester

      Nuffield Health Chester the Grosvenor Hospital

    • Countess of Chester Health Park, Liverpool Road,, Chester

      Countess of Chester Hospital

    Excellent: I've had three colonoscopies by three different consultants. Dr Amazon Karmo was the most...
  • Alison Jean Whittaker - Internist

    Dr. Alison Jean Whittaker


    • 131 Stow Hill, Newport

      Chest Clinic

    Excellent: I attended my routine appointment at the chest clinic to see Dr Whittaker last week. She...
  • Meirion Bowen Llewelyn - Internist

    Mr. Meirion Bowen Llewelyn


    • Cardiff Road , Newport

      Royal Gwent Hospital

    saw him at st woollos hospital newport very old building needs up dating or pulled down BUT HE WAS EXELLENT...
  • Martin Pattrick  - Internist

    Dr. Martin Pattrick

    Internist, Rheumatologist

    • Rochdale Road, Oldham

      Royal Oldham Hospital

    • Rochdale Old Road Jericho, Bury

      Fairfield General Hospital

    I have been under the care of Dr Pattrick for 11 years and he has always been 100%. I have a very complicated...
  • Charles Bodmer  - Endocrinologist

    Dr. Charles Bodmer

    Endocrinologist, Internist

    • Lexden Road , Colchester

      Essex County Hospital

    • Turner Road, Colchester

      Colchester General Hospital

    Dr Bodmer is a great Dr in that he knows how I tick! He gives you his time and explains everything to...
  • Sean Weaver - Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Sean Weaver

    Gastroenterologist, Internist

    • Royal Bournemouth Hospital Castle Lane East , Bournemouth

      Royal Bournemouth General Hospital

    • 67 Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth

      Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital

    Excellent: Just the most amazing, polite, understanding Dr you could ever wish for. Honest and lays it...
  • Thomas William Mackay - Internist

    Dr. Thomas William Mackay


    • 51 Little France Crescent , Old Dalkeith Road ,, Edinburgh

      Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

    "An asset to the Department of Sleep Medicine. Very supportive, helpful & understanding. Cares a lot...
  • Suneel Talwar - Cardiologist

    Dr. Suneel Talwar

    Cardiologist, Internist

    • Royal Bournemouth Hospital Castle Lane East , Bournemouth

      Royal Bournemouth General Hospital

    • Christchurch

      Christchurch Hospital

    Excellent: Professional advice and care. Dr Talwar was a true gentleman and expert heart specialist,...
  • Devinder Singh Bansi - Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Devinder Singh Bansi

    Gastroenterologist, Internist

    • 108 Harley Street, London

      The London Rectal Clinic

    • 164-178 Cromwell Road, London

      Bupa Cromwell Hospital

    Excellent: The clear information I have been given
  • Irfan Shakir - Internist

    Dr. Irfan Shakir


    • The Calderdale Royal Hospital , Halifax

      Medical Practice

    exellent gentlemen
  • Andrew Bryan Timothy Barlow - Internist

    Dr. Andrew Bryan Timothy Barlow


    • 60 Vicarage Road, Watford

      Watford General Hospital

    very attentive and very easy on the eyes! made my stay much better
  • Anitha Mathews  - Endocrinologist

    Dr. Anitha Mathews

    Endocrinologist, Internist

    • Hinchingbrooke Park , Huntingdon

      Hinchingbrooke Hospital

    Very caring, pleasant. Listens.
  • David Gwilt  - Cardiologist

    Dr. David Gwilt

    Cardiologist, Internist

    • Standing Way Eaglestone , Milton Keynes

      Milton Keynes Hospital

    Dr Gwilt spent time and effort explaining procedures and the reasons behind the decisions to undertake...