Find the best GP in Harrow among 714 specialists.
  • Ketan Shah  - GP Watford

    Ketan Shah


    • Bridgewater House 7 Printers Avenue , Watford

      Park End Surgery

    best doctor ever!

  • Michael Edbury  - GP London

    Dr. Michael Edbury


    • Gladstone Medical Centre, London

      Gladstone Medical Centre Dr Dekaresilver & Partner

    Excellent: Attentive, gives good explaination, makes time to listen.

  • Karen Fraser  - GP Ruislip

    Dr. Karen Fraser


    • 2a Wood Lane, Ruislip

      The Medical Centre

    Dr Fraser has always been forthright with us, even if we don't like what we hear,...

  • Julia Gerrard  - GP Stanmore

    Dr. Julia Gerrard


    • 85 Crowshott Avenue, Stanmore

      The Stanmore Medical Centre Dr Gould & Partners

    Trust this Dr 100% .

  • Lyndon Wagman  - GP Edgware

    Dr. Lyndon Wagman


    • 2 Penshurst Gardens, Edgware

      Lane End Medical Group

    • 2 Penshurst Gardens, Edgware

      Dr Briggs & Partners

    He is the best, most skilled, friendly and caring doctor I've ever been to!

  • Mala Mamtora  - GP Wembley

    Dr. Mala Mamtora


    • 116 Chaplin Road, Wembley

      Sunflower Medical Centre Dr Mamtora & Pts

    Excellent and caring doctor - highly recommend Dr Mala to everyone.

  • Marie Anne  Essam  - GP South Oxhey

    Dr. Marie Anne Essam


    • Oxhey Drive, South Oxhey

      Pathfinder Practice

    Excellent: Brilliant doctor, listens, very understanding, after an appointment with...

  • Rachel Tudberry  - GP Watford

    Dr. Rachel Tudberry


    • Bridgewater House 7 Printers Avenue , Watford

      Coach House Surgery

    I have always found Dr. Tudberry to be sympathetic, thorough and caring. I ask for...

  • Clare Hilary Searle  - GP Watford

    Dr. Clare Hilary Searle


    • Bridgewater House 7 Printers Avenue , Watford

      Park End Surgery

    Excellent: Dr Searle has helped me very much. Especially grateful since losing my...

  • Sachin Khurjekar  - GP Stanmore

    Dr. Sachin Khurjekar


    • The Honeypot Lane Med Ctr 404 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore

      Honeypot Medical Centre Dr Nagpaul & Partners

    Excellent: A very knowledgeable doctor who always had time to listen to you and was...

  • Sarah Miller  - GP Watford

    Dr. Sarah Miller


    • 37a St Johns Road, Watford

      Suthergrey House Medical Centre

    Dr Miller is really, really helpful and patient with you and always understanding,...

  • Samyukta Hariharnathan  - GP North Harrow

    Samyukta Hariharnathan


    • The Surgery 238 Headstone Lane, North Harrow

      Headstone Lane Medical Centre Dr Ravikumar & Partn

    • Aspri Medical Centre 1 Long Elmes, Harrow Weald

      Aspri Medical Centre Dr Karia & Partners

    good doctor.

  • Mark Semler  - GP Watford

    Dr. Mark Semler


    • Bridgewater House 7 Printers Avenue , Watford

      Park End Surgery

    Unlike my previous GP, he is calm, quiet, listens to the patient, and in my case...

  • Jacob Joseph  - GP Ruislip

    Dr. Jacob Joseph


    • 21 Eastcote Road, Ruislip

      St. Martin'S Medical Centre

    Not only is Dr Joseph and Dr Jayabalan wonderful, great doctors, thorough, good listeners,...

  • Joanna Cheung  - GP London

    Dr. Joanna Cheung


    • 6 Queens Walk Ealing , London

      Queens Walk Surgery

    Spot on diagnosis and treatment. Excellent listening skill and bedside manner. Very...

  • Kenny Livingstone  - GP London

    Dr. Kenny Livingstone


    • 66 Mayo Road Church End Estate Willesden, London

      Church End Medical Centre

    Please can we have more Doctors who treat you as a patient and not a number....

  • Leonard  Hirsch  - GP Borehamwood

    Dr. Leonard Hirsch


    • 4 Fairway Avenue , Borehamwood

      Fairbrook Medical Centre

    Excellent: I have Known Dr Hirsch, for over 30 years and he has been nothing but...

  • Geraldine Golden  - GP Kenton Harrow

    Dr. Geraldine Golden


    • The Kenton Bridge Med Ctr 155-175 Kenton Road, Kenton Harrow

      Kenton Bridge Medical Centre Dr Golden & Partner

    Great doctor

  • Gary David William Griffith  - GP Watford

    Dr. Gary David William Griffith


    • 37a St Johns Road, Watford

      Suthergrey House Medical Centre

    The outstanding feature of the Suthergrey practice is the quality and efficiency...

  • Helen Clark  - GP Wembley

    Dr. Helen Clark


    • 34 Beechcroft Gardens, Wembley

      The Beechcroft Medical Centre

    Excellent: A caring, thoughtful doctor who has her patients at heart. Could be improved: Too...