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  • Question about Tinnitus

    Chronic sinus problems for many years. Tinnitus for over 35 years recently increased dramatically, had wax removed by e.n.t. by microsuction. No improvement for the tinnitus. Facial pain cheekbones and nose, no congestion or excess mucus. Unable to cope with excess noise now. Using neilmed and beconase but no improvement. Hearing test at Boots showed no hearing loss since last test.

    This requires further evaluation in clinic. I am happy to see if you wish to discuss this further.

    Mr. Farakh Javed Uddin

  • Question about Cleft rhinoplasty

    in 2017 I had surgery to correct a deviate septum since then I am suffering excruciating pain in my right nostril, also my nose is always blocked and mucus going into my nostril. I have been told to wash my nose out with salt water but this only works for a time can anyone assist?

    Excruciating pain after nasal surgery may well be due to nerve pain, hence the reason why salt water washes are not working. The other possibility is a blocked sinus opening, therefore your nose will need a complete assessment to get the correct diagnosis.

    Mr. Farakh Javed Uddin

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