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  • Mariya Ansari  - Dentist London

    Dr. Mariya Ansari


    • 1071 Garratt Lane, London

      Adp Dental Company Ltd

    Very good dentist

  • Mehri Eghtessad  - Dentist London

    Dr. Mehri Eghtessad


    • 1 Frith Street, London

      C W London Community & Specialist Dental Service

    saw this dentist at the E.D.H. She was all the things above and more.Post operation...

  • Mitchell Mbaeri  - Dentist London

    Dr. Mitchell Mbaeri


    • 1 Frith Street, London

      C W London Community & Specialist Dental Service

    Great clinician,good chairside manners. knows her stuff.

  • Natasha Rawlings  - Dentist Crouch End

    Dr. Natasha Rawlings


    • 70 Crouch Hall Road, Crouch End

      Crouch Hall Dental Care

    Fantastic dentist, couldn't ask for more. everything was explained very well i felt...

  • Nirmaljit Brar  - Dentist Twyford

    Nirmaljit Brar


    • 49 Kersley Street, London

      Battersea Preventive Dental Practice

    Dr Brar seems a very straight to the point dentist, no nonsense and no trying to...

  • Praveen Philip  - Dentist London

    Praveen Philip


    • 4 Sussex Gardens, London

      Cambridge Court Dental Practice

    Loved to Visit him

  • Abhijeet Sharad Godbole  - Dentist London

    Abhijeet Sharad Godbole


    • 49 Kersley Street, London

      Battersea Preventive Dental Practice

    Abhijeet worked on my tooth 8 - 9 years ago... Its still intact:)

  • Alia-Lina Faki  - Dentist London

    Dr. Alia-Lina Faki


    • 62 Gloucester Place, London

      Alia Faki Dental Practice

    She was very polite and involved me in the treatments choices, clearly explained...

  • Bhawna Suri  - Dentist London

    Bhawna Suri


    • 349 Harrow Road, London

      Harrow Road Dental Surgery

    She is very attractive, she has two beautiful eyes

  • Caroline Ann Tracy Borthwick  - Dentist Richmond

    Dr. Caroline Ann Tracy Borthwick


    • 429 Richmond Road, Richmond

      Richmond Dental Care

    Absolutely excellent! I had a long-term problem with a tooth and Dr. Caroline Ann...

  • David Howarth  - Dentist London

    Dr. David Howarth


    • 30 Flood Walk, London

      Central London Community Health Care - Violet Mel

    • 82 Vincent Square, London

      South Westminster Health Centre (Cds)

    brilliant dentist

  • Farahnaz Tanolee  - Dentist London

    Dr. Farahnaz Tanolee


    • Exmoor Street, London

      Central London Community Healthcare - St Charles H

    • Exmoor Street, London

      St Charles Centre For Health & Care (Cds)

    Excellent: Extraordinarily good dentist and friendly with it. Will recommend without...

  • Vaheh Avanessian - Dentist London

    Dr. Vaheh Avanessian


    • N/A Flat 2, Lister House - 11-12 Wimpole Street, London

      Medical Practice

    I was in extreme pain and was seen within 20 minutes of my telephone call. I was...

  • Ramon Alexander Badalbit - Dentist London

    Dr. Ramon Alexander Badalbit


    • 40 Harley Street, London

      Harley Street Group Practice

    Very friendly and professional, best I've been to.

  • Mayur Haripra Bhatt - Dentist London

    Dr. Mayur Haripra Bhatt


    • N/A Second Floor, Medical Centre - 144-150 High Road, London

      Medical Practice

    I normally do not see a dentist, but when ever I have a need to see one, I just call...

  • Peter Caspersonn - Dentist London

    Dr. Peter Caspersonn


    • 30A Putney Hill, Putney, London

      Gentle Dental Putney

    Excellent: Gentle Dental is a small surgery just up from Putney High Street. Peter...

  • Satbir Singh Golar - Dentist London

    Dr. Satbir Singh Golar


    • 7 South Molton Street, London

      The Tooth Clinic

    • 17 Craven Road, London

      Paddington Dental Practice

    I know Dr Golar for about 20 year. He is a very good dentist. It is pleasant to visit...

  • Ronald Frank Dunn - Dentist London

    Dr. Ronald Frank Dunn


    • 50 Flat 1 - Kensington Gardens Squa, London

      Garden Square Dental Centre

    An excellent dentist

  • Flora Chigwedere - Dentist London

    Dr. Flora Chigwedere


    • 68 Neal St, London

      Covent Garden Dental Spa

    I was highly recommended by a colleague, I was not disappointed! The whole experinece...

  • Lawrence Y K Ching - Dentist London

    Dr. Lawrence Y K Ching


    • 46 Harley Street, London

      Harley Street Dental Centre

    Excellent: Really friendly, and a very fast response.