Colorectal Surgeon

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  • Keith Chapple - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Keith ChappleverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • 312 Fulwood Road , Sheffield

      BMI Thornbury Hospital

    • 401 Sandygate Road , Sheffield

      Claremont Hospital

    Excellent: The way everything was explained to me about my treatment was excellent....

  • Pasquale Giordano - Colorectal Surgeon

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    Colorectal Surgeon, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • 17 St Helen’s Place, London

      BMI City Medical

    • Allergy Clinic East London 1 Beaumont Square Stepney Green, London

      BMI The London Independent Hospital

    this man and his team are just magic unbelievable care and attention

  • Arifullah Khan - General Surgeon

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    General Surgeon, Colorectal Surgeon, Gastroenterologist

    • Middlewich Road, Crewe

      Leighton Hospital

    Outstanding surgeon

  • Steven Ross Brown - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Steven Ross BrownverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • 312 Fulwood Road , Sheffield

      BMI Thornbury Hospital

    • Herries Road , Sheffield

      Northern General Hospital

    Mr Brown is a very caring and kind person. He takes time out to see how you are....

  • Richard Molloy - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Richard MolloyverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • 221 Crookston Road , Glasgow

      BMI Ross Hall Hospital

    • Ross Hall Hospital Crookston Road, Glasgow

      Medical Practice

    I cannot praise Mr Molloy highly enough. I have had 3 major operations by him - on...

  • William Frederick Anthony Miles - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. William Frederick Anthony MilesverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • 107-109 Sea Road East Preston (The East Preston Clinic), Worthing

      Medical Practice

    • Lyndhurst Road , Worthing

      Worthing Hospital

    Excellent service, very nice surgeon put me completely at ease. My operation went...

  • Liviu Titu - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Liviu TituverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Holmwood Drive, Thingwall, Wirral

      Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral

    • Arrowe Park Upton , Wirral

      Wirral Hospital

    Excellent: He is extremely caring, compassionate and kind and I felt immediately...

  • Nigel Williams - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Nigel WilliamsverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire Clifford Bridge Road Walsgrave, Coventry

      Medical Practice

    • Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry

      University Hospital

    I found Nigel Williams to be very approachable, he has an excellent bedside manner...

  • Bruce Jaffray - Colorectal Surgeon

    Dr. Bruce JaffrayverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, Paediatric Surgeon

    • Department of Paediatric Surgery Royal Victoria Infirmary Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle upon Tyne

      Medical Practice

    • Clayton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne

      Nuffield Health Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital

    operated on my grandson, 18th april, Deacon bigley stevenson, he has saved his life....

  • Romi Navaratnam - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Romi Navaratnam

    Colorectal Surgeon, Gastroenterologist, General Surgeon

    • Sterling Way, London

      North Middlesex University Hospital

    • 15-17 Lodge Road , London

      The Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington Hospital

    Unlike many other doctors I have been to he was knowledgeable, attentive, caring...

  • Jonathan Wilfred Dawson - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Jonathan Wilfred DawsonverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Rothwell Road , Kettering

      Capio Woodland Hospital

    • The Avenue Cliftonville , Northampton

      BMI Three Shires Hospital

    Excellent care and facilities during recent gall bladder removal.

  • Geraint Lloyd - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Geraint LloydverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Lister Hospital, Stevenage

      Medical Practice

    • Pinehill Hospital, Hitchin

      Medical Practice

    Excellent: He is a very nice man and a brilliant consultant. He had time for me,...

  • James Pitt - Colorectal Surgeon

    Dr. James PittverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Nuffield Hospital Ipswich Foxhall Road Ipswich IP4 5TS, Ipswich

      Medical Practice

    • Heath Road, Ipswich

      Ipswich Hospital

    Excellent doctor Sorted out my problem

  • Sherine Amin Hendawy Ibrahim FRCS - Colorectal Surgeon

    Dr. Sherine Amin Hendawy Ibrahim FRCSverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon, Vascular surgeon

    • London

      Medical Practice

    excellent surgeon

  • Abdul Khan - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Abdul Khan

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Eaglesham Road, Glasgow

      Hairmyres Hospital

    • 25 Beaconsfield Road, Glasgow

      Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital

    He is an organized and brilliant surgeon.

  • William Michael Thomas - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. William Michael Thomas

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Scraptoft Lane, Leicester

      Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital

    • Gartree Road, Oadby, Leicester

      Spire Leicester Hospital

    Very very professional, helpful, friendly. Top class surgeon.

  • Arif Khan - Colorectal Surgeon

    Arif KhanverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    Colorectal Surgeon, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • BMI South Cheshire Private Hospital, Crewe

      Medical Practice

    • Leighton Hospital Middlewich Road, Crewe

      Mid Cheshire Hospital Foundation Trusr

  • Andrew Gee  - Colorectal Surgeon

    Dr. Andrew Gee

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Keegan Close , Ottery St Mary

      Ottery St Mary Hospital

    • Marlpits Lane , Honiton

      Honiton Hospital

    He was kind and made me laugh when i was in hospital for 6 weeks. I would recommend...

  • Neil Borley - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Neil Borley

    Colorectal Surgeon, Gastroenterologist, General Surgeon

    • Cinderford

      Dilke Memorial Hospital

    • Grove Road , Lydney

      Lydney And District Hospital Site

    Very pleasant and courteous, took the time to fully explain my procedure in terms...

  • Justin Davies - Colorectal Surgeon

    Mr. Justin Davies

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

    • Bradford Road , Bingley

      Capio Yorkshire Clinic

    • 4 Trumpington Road, Cambridge

      Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital

    Mr Davies is a fantastic surgeon, reassuring, and saved my life when I had a bowel...