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  • Lance Nicholas Forbat

    Cardiologist, Internist, Dr.

    • U
      Location: Nuffield Health Glasgow HospitalService: Re-evalutaion of statin treatment

      Obvious competence, keen attention, plenty of time, personable manners.

    • A

      Great professional. Highly recommend him!!

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  • Akhil Kapur

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • P
      Location: London Chest Hospital

      I did this on behalf on my dad, the Drs was great and very helpful and i thank them very much Dr Kapur was great Dr and i thank all the nurses, doctors and staf

  • Mark Harris

    Anaesthetist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

      Dr Harris is the most personable anaethetist. His ability to enthuse confidence and put you at your ease is second to none.

  • Shyamsunder Kolvekar

    Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Location: The Heart Hospital

      I had to have urgent bypass surgery my consultant,doctors,nurses rehab team,are fantastic,even the food,thanks a million!!!!!!!

  • Alastair Windsor

    General Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Location: The London Clinic

      Alistair Windsor operated on my daughter Victoria in April 2012. We thank him for all his hard work and kindness.

  • Christopher Martin Nutting

    Clinical Oncologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Bupa Cromwell Hospital

      Prof Nutting was excellent and explained all aspects of my treatment in an understandable way.

  • Piers E. F. Daubeney

    Paediatric Cardiologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Medical Practice

      I visited the doctor when my daughter hade a problem with heart palpitation with unknown reason, he was more than excellent doctor, he saved me from all the worry that all the family had because of our daughter's condition. We are from Sweden. Thank you more than once, doctor.

    • P
      Location: Medical Practice

      a first class consultant peadatric cardiologist. Explains everything in great detail.

  • Olusola Odemuyiwa

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: St Anthony's Hospital

      At a time when we were both stressed and afraid, he gave confidence, knowledge and stability. A truly dedicated professional, yet offering personal friendship. Lesly and Tony Batcheler

  • Rudy Capildeo

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Spire Hartswood Hospital

      Sometimes runs late but this is because he is focused on his patients. He really takes a holistic view of the needs and wellbeing of his patients.

  • Fiona Michelle Nicholls

    Anaesthetist, Ms.

    • A

      What an amazing dr. So kind and understanding. If we had more like Dr Fiona, many appointments would have happy outcomes. Ours today at the western eye was not short of a miracle for our son Sarim. He has gone through a very difficult period with a rare neuropathy.