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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Akhil Kapur

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • Location: London Chest Hospital

      I did this on behalf on my dad, the Drs was great and very helpful and i thank them very much Dr Kapur was great Dr and i thank all the nurses, doctors and staf

  • Michael Walsh

    General Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: The Royal London Hospital

      My husband has been treated by Mr Walsh and he is very happy the way things went. Explains things clearly so is understandable.

  • Andrew Deaner

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • Location: King George Hospital

      Dr. Deaner treated both my deceased husband and also my father and with both he was absolutely wonderful. He is caring and listens to what you have to say - cannot fault him

  • Leo Hurkhang Cheng

    Oral And Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: Homerton University Hospital

      Mr. Cheng removed my thyroid and I had no problems at all. I did not need antibiotics and the scar is not noticeable. Mr. Cheng is empathic and takes time to talk you through every stage of before, during and after. He is well respected as a person and top surgeon. He does voluntary work during his holidays working as a surgeon for free on the hospital ships outside the UK. He is a very kind soul.

  • Ashley B Grossman

    Endocrinologist, Dr.

    • Location: St Bartholomew'S Hospital

      Professor Grossman is regarded as “The Knowledge” by staff & patients alike. He is kind, caring & empathic. If you are lucky enough to be cared for by one of Professor Grossmans long term team you are in very safe hands. He presents as being a very modest, kind, calm & nurturing soul. You can talk to him easily, tell him anything & he can instantly recall some research or evidence which backs up what you are saying.

  • Andrew Provan

    Hematologist, Dr.

    • Location: The Royal London Hospital

      Excellent friendly doctor. Outpatients clinic is dated but consultant was fantastic.

  • David Bernard Peterson

    Endocrinologist, Dr.

    • Location: The Royal London Hospital

      Exceptional personal approach and care.

    • Location: The Royal London Hospital

      Best care of me and my diabetes i have ever had in 20 years!

  • Julian Michael Fearnley

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • I was referred to Dr Fearnley after a particularly traumatic experience whilst abroad. Having had a bleed in my brain, I was very confused and my memory was poor. Dr Fearnley took the time to explain things to me, I'm sure, repeatedly. As well as being a very calming presence at a traumatic time.

    • Location: Medical Practice

      I went to see Dr Fearnley a couple of years ago with a slipped disc. The treatment he gave relieved the agonising pain I was in. I have not had a recurrence of the problem since the treatment.

  • Malcolm Keene

    Ent Specialist, Mr.

    • Gave 5 stars to all, because he was knowledgeable (knew straight away my condition), attentive and listened well to my concerns and symptoms. He was human, humble and caring towards me. I would recommend him.

  • Paul Damian Srodon

    Vascular Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: The Royal London HospitalService: amputation of big toe due to diabetic ulcer

      The team here are really good and kept me and my dad informed all the time.

      Could be improved:
      Honestly, nothing.