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St Albans City Hospital

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AL35TL, St Albans

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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Peter H P Dyson

    Orthopaedist, Dr.

    • P

      Mr Dyson was 3 hours late for the apt, he actually went to the wrong hospital he failed to conduct a full examination and was very negligent in his approach.

  • Jamal Zuberi

    General Surgeon, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Watford General Hospital

      Dr Jamal Zuberi is an excellent Surgeon.

  • Peter Dyson

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Location: St Albans City Hospital

      Very thorough doctor, makes you feel comfortable at all times. Gives great advice and very honest with you.

  • Suzanne Guirguis

    Anaesthetist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: St Albans City Hospital

      Very kind, knowledgeable, explains everything in a clear way, good listener, great attention, makes you feel special and very good.

    • A


  • Donald John Dewar

    Plastic Surgeon, Dr.

    • A

      Mr Dewar is an amazing consultant. He makes you feel you are an actual person and not a NHS number. His care and support to my husband and I was wonderful. He is kind and caring and makes sure you understand everything he is saying and even sketches the pictures to help you understand the treatment.

    • A

      Dr Dewar operated on my daughters malignant melanoma in 2007. He was polite, helpful, professional and understanding of the crisis we were all facing. We all can't thank him enough for his skill and support during such a difficult time. The best kind of Dr you can find.

  • Rodney Hallan

    Gastroenterologist, General Surgeon, Dr.

    • P
      Location: St Albans City Hospital

      Never on time, always a long wait.

  • Mark Harrison

    Clinical Oncologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: St Albans City Hospital

      Saved my wife's life, can't fault the doctor, lovely bloke.

  • Chee Toh

    Ent Specialist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Hemel Hempstead Hospital

      Was given complete confidence whilst having my ears suctioned in the Ear Nose and Throat Department in Hemel Hempstead Hospital. Such kindness was shown by both Dr. Toh and the nurse who looked after me during and following treatment. My nerves were soon calmed. Many thanks. Wendy Salter-Williams

  • Julia Ostberg

    Endocrinologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Watford General Hospital

      Insulin dependent diabetic for 37 years. Dr Ostberg gave me one of the most interesting and thought provoking reviews I have ever had during all that time. The hospital was clean, the nurses helpful and I was seen pretty promptly. I will be following Dr Ostberg's recommendations to improve control.

  • Yunus Tayob

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • U
      Location: Medical Practice

      More than just a Dr. He is someone you grow to enjoy. He tells it straight which sometimes is the only way. He changed our lives when my wife struggled with polycystic ovaries. We now have twin girls aged six. No words can explain our gratitude for the care he showed us throughout.

    • A
      Location: Spire Hospital Harpenden

      Incredibly caring and compassionate specialist. Took great care of me when falling pregnant first time (expected ectopic pregnancy) and second time when I sadly lost the baby. A man who genuinely takes time for you, your partner and treats you with utter respect. Can't recommend him highly enough.