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  • Henry James Crispin Rashleigh Belcher

    Plastic Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Location: Medical Practice

      I was a patient of Mr. Belcher from 2002 - 2007. He is an excellent surgeon, very friendly, caring person. Highly recommended for wrist and hand surgery.

    • A
      Location: Medical Practice

      i was a patient of dr belcher in the early nineties , i saw him for a year .he is a wonderful kind , caring man that makes you feel that you matter

  • Paul Vincent Langham Curry

    Cardiologist, Mr.

    • U
      Location: London Bridge Hospital

      Dr Curry has kept me alive & 'kicking' for the past 26 years... and long may it continue. If I had not been referred to him in 1988 for an angiogram... I would not be here to tell the tale to-day!

  • John Carr Shotton

    Ent Specialist, Mr.

    • A
      Location: Kent & Sussex Hospital

      Attention to detail,bed manner,clear and easy to understand,made me feel very comfortable and reassured,on every occasion. But without any doubt,a very nice man.

  • Marc Pacifico

    Plastic Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: Nuffield Health The Tunbridge Wells HospitalService: Breast Enlargement

      Marc is amazing , such a lovely person, very professional and just made me feel so comfortable. Always have time to answer any questions. My breast looks amazing. The staff is also lovely and all very professional. Would recommend 110%.

    • Location: Nuffield Health The Tunbridge Wells HospitalService: Breast Enlargement

      Marc is a brilliant surgeon because he does not offer the impossible. You ask, he will be totally honest about what can be achieved.l have had 2 procedures performed by Marc. Upper and lower blepharoplasty and breast implants. I have also had lip fillers and a bit of crevice filling! (no polyfilla). I heartily recommend Marc as a brilliant surgeon and an utterly nice bloke. You have to have compete confidence in someone to literally put your face in their hands. Let's face it we can all cover up boobs with a pretty bra but your face is the first thing people you approach see. If I have one criticism of this site it's only being able to give him 5 stars! He deserves a lot more (even if he did buy his beloved wife a 'food mixer'!!! As a birthday present). Top bloke!

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