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  • Royal Lancaster Infirmary

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    LA14RP, Lancaster

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  • David James Burch

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • Location: Royal Lancaster Infirmary

      Excellent treatment from Dr Burch and his nursing staff.

    • Location: Royal Lancaster Infirmary

      All I can say is that his mother has every right to be proud of him! He is definitely in the right profession.

  • Alasdair Taylor

    Radiologist, Dr.

    • Location: Royal Lancaster Infirmary

      I had the good fortune to have this lovely, kind and extremely patient Doctor conducting my barium enema x-ray. I was obviously anxious and he and his equally lovely team put my mind at ease. The whole procedure was much more pleasant (if one can call an enema such!) than expected. Wonderful man.

  • John Nixon

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • Seemed really nice chap - honest, knowledgeable, thorough - instills confidence. Note the above high star ratings were given after seeing Dr Nixon at a private hospital.

  • Rauf Ghani

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Mr.

    • Service: Prolapse surgery

      Everything about my experience was far better than expected, especially as Mr Ghani came to see me every day I was in hospital. After arriving home following the surgery, I had no pain whatsoever. Mr Ghani had done an amazing job. I would recommend him to everyone needing Gynaecology surgery. Thanks

      Could be improved:
      Nothing at all!

  • Bryan Rhodes

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr.

    • Location: Royal Lancaster InfirmaryService: shoulder and to remove a finger

      the way the clinic was run

      Could be improved:

    • Service: Carpal tunnel release

      I liked the chat we had while the procedure was being done, I was shown my tendon when released, found it really interesting.

      Could be improved:
      Just the waiting time, I was last on the list so 6 hours wait, I could of been shopping in Kendle lol.

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  • Andrew Damian Higham

    Gastroenterologist, Dr.

    • Location: Royal Lancaster InfirmaryService: Digestive problems

      Mr Higham was very clear and helpful. He listened to my questions and have me useful information. He represented the best of the NHS. Thank you.