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  • Royal Hospitals, The

    Grosvenor Road

    BT126BA, Belfast

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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Michael Brendan Finch

    Rheumatologist, Mr.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      Second to none.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      a brillant man diagnosed me 15 yrs ago with bechets syndrome,i was suffering ffor years before i went to him

  • John Samuel Andrew Collins

    Gastroenterologist, Mr.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      5 star rated, this gastro doctor goes above and beyond to diagnose my condition. When the limits of care where reached, this gastro doctor referred me to GB for further investigations. Great doctor.

  • James Anthony Mary Sharkey

    Ophthalmologist, Mr.

    • Having suffered poor eyesight in one eye and near blindness in the other, I was recommended to see Mt Sharkey. Following surgery I believe only he could perform I now have good vision in one eye and my 'blind' eye vision is sufficient to walk and see where I am going. Mr Sharkey is remarkable.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      The gut was the only one that could spot a tear in my retina, no one else could see it as it was what they call far out; mr sharket spotted it in an instant

  • Christopher Thomas Andrews

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      What a man! Top surgeon in his field! Can't praise him enough.

  • David John McEneaney

    Echocardiologist, Dr.

    • Location: Craigavon Area Hospital

      C'avon hospital has an excellent cardiology dept. Dr McEneaney is an excellent doctor backed up by a great team of nurses all really dedicated to the job. If you are unfortunate enough to need heart surgery/care you couldn't be in a better place. I know from experience!

  • John Hazlett Price

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • Location: Belfast City Hospital

      Dr Price made good decisions that meant I was able to have a daughter after a point in my life were I thought that there was no hope.

    • Dr price carried out my surgery. It made an amazing difference to my life. Wish I had had it done 20 years ago.

  • William Desmond Barry Clements

    General Surgeon, Mr.

    • At all times I was treated with courtesy and respect: explanations were full and appropriate and considering the complexity of my surgery I believe I had one of the most experienced surgeons in Northern Ireland.

  • Martin Francis Murphy

    Ophthalmologist, Mr.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      Professional. Very good bedside manner. Extremely skilled. Would recommend to all.

  • Keith Reginald Gardiner

    General Surgeon, Mr.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      My husband is treated by Mr Gardiner at present and since 2012. To say he is a miracle worker is so understated. He is an excellent dr. I wish all drs had the same knowledge, understanding and consideration as him.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, The

      I was treated by Mr Keith Gardiner for what was considered by others as impossible. He did the impossible and is what all doctors should be: skilled, caring, approachable and honest.

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  • David Alexander Adams

    Ent Specialist, Mr.

    • Location: Royal Hospitals, TheService: My ears, as I am profoundly deaf.

      Dr Adams was always so so pleasant and easy to talk to and was always very understanding. He was also a very very good doctor as he always knew what he was doing and went out of his way to help you. I had been with him for years until I had to move over to the adult ent.