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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • James Pitt

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital

      Excellent doctor
      Sorted out my problem

  • Simon Hardman-Lea

    Ophthalmologist, Mr.

    • P
      Location: Medical Practice

      A first rate consultant - spot on diagnosis- superb manner with patients

  • Abdusalam Abu-Own

    General Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, Mr.

    • U
      Location: Ipswich Hospital

      Very Good Doctor

    • U
      Location: Medical Practice


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  • Richard Charles Baxandall

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Location: Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital

      I went under the NHS Choose and Book option for a TKR having been recommended by a friend and was most impressed by Mr Baxendall who was very pleasant and helpful and explained everything very clearly. The operation went well and just over 2 weeks later I am very pleased with the outcome to date.

  • Rohit Sharma

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Mr.

    • A
      Location: The Ipswich Hospital

      I found Doctor Sharma to be very kind. I was feeling very frightened and tearful, but his nurse was so kind she put me at ease and went and got my husband to sit with me and hold my hand.

  • Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer

    Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Location: Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital

      Simply the best surgeon in town!

      Could be improved:
      Keep surgeon like Mr. Omer.

  • Bhagwat Mathur

    Cosmetic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Service: abdominal procedure

      Mr Mathur is a gentleman. He is kind, caring and considerate. I would recommend him to anybody.

  • Stephen Wroe

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • P
      Location: Queens HospitalService: Limbic encaphilitas

      Dr wroes care, professionalism, and knowledge