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  • Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Oxford Road Manchester, Greater Manchester

    M139WL, Manchester

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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Sarah Burns

    Hematologist, Dr.

    • Location: Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

      Lovely lady. Outstanding and looked after my mother with great care, always ready to help.

    • Location: Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

      You couldn't ask for a better doctor. Warm, approachable, professional, we felt so confident we were in the best possible care. I (the patient) would look forward to our visits and she always gave the best attention, even though she was busy. Wonderful doctor!

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  • Pauline Ho

    Rheumatologist, Dr.

    • Location: Manchester Royal InfirmaryService: Rheumatology

      Remarkable Dr, treats both my wife and I. Very kind and considerate.

      Could be improved:

    • Location: Manchester Royal InfirmaryService: attentive, caring, and forward thinking

      I like how Dr. Ho is always a step ahead, she is always looking for ways to improve treatments. Dr. Ho investigates new medicines, new equipment, she has no problem recommending different Doctors, she investigates all avenues to help her patients and she does not take No for an answer.

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  • Simon Campbell

    Gastroenterologist, Dr.

    • Service: colonoscopy, polyp removal

      I found Dr Campbell to be a good listener and an excellent communicator with high levels of empathy which put me at ease during a difficult time.
      The diagnosis and treatment plan were carried out professionally and effectively the after care was excellent. I was highly satisfied with every aspect.

    • Location: Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

      Very professional, gives clear explanations of procedures and investigations.

  • David Murray

    Vascular Surgeon, Mr.

    • Location: Manchester Royal InfirmaryService: blocked carotid artery

      Dr David Murray performed an operation to unblock the right carotid artery after I suffered a stroke in December 2015. So refreshing to have people like Mr Murray and his superb staff in the NHS, Jeremy Hunt should pop down to MRI and see how brilliant these health workers are ! Gordon Hunt

    • Location: Manchester Royal Infirmary

      Mr Murray is a straight talking man who tries to put patient and family at ease at all times. Mr Murray treated my sister for vascular disease which started with a bypass then went on further for amputations. Although the end result was not what we had hoped, Mr Murray tried his best. Lovely guy.

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