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  • King's College Hospital

    Denmark Hill

    SE59RS, London

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  • Mark Phillips

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      Excellent service!

  • Anil Dhawan

    Gastroenterologist, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      It was a remarkable achievement for Liver patients.KEEP THE GOOD WORK GOING ON AND ON!

  • Satish Jayawardene

    Nephrologist, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      dr satish cared for me and looked after me when I was sick in the king hospital he is clever doctor and he answer all question professional

  • Lina Nashef

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • Location: Medical Practice

      Dr Nashef is a very caring and thoughtfull doctor,thinking of you as a person,of you and your body requirments not only of today but tommorow in any way possible she can to better your life with thought and support ,excellence throughout

  • Behzad Amir-Ansari

    Nephrologist, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital


  • Jonathan M Hill

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      I recently saw Dr Jonathon Hill and was delighted with the care and treatment I received. In consultation, he took the time to get familiar with my case and the result of investigations. He offered a range of treatments, including very new and innovative treatments. He was good at explaining the different treatment options, with clear and well informed advice and opinion and took the time to do this well, answering all of my questions.

  • Alan McGregor

    Endocrinologist, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      Professor McGregor has been absolutely brilliant in his treatment of me since I was diagnosed with a meningioma which caused damaged to the pituitary gland. He has treated me since summer 2011.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      I have been treated by Professor McGregor since September 2012. His diagnosis and treatment for hyperthyroid condition is beyond excellence. Previous ignorant GPs left my condition untreated and badly mismanaged and I lived with a hyperthyroid multinodular goiter. Thanks God for Prof. McGregor!

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  • Sophia Steer

    Rheumatologist, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      Excellent attention from her, not her fault that clinic runs roughly two hours behind, but she was actually worth waiting to see

  • Michael Dialynas

    Vascular Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      Having treated my mother over the last three years, his care and attention is the reason she is doing so well. He is the most caring and exemplary doctor and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • John Bidmead

    Gynaecologist, Dr.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      Mr Bidmead is outstanding. While I was waiting to go into surgery, one nurse told me that the staff at the hospital who have gynae issues all want to go to him. He is down to earth, understanding and I had total confidence in him. I had endometriosis removed and it all went well with barely a scar.

    • Location: King's College Hospital

      Thank You to all the staff at Kings Collage Hospital. The Katherine Monk ward, I had a fantastic set of nurses and doctors who seen to my every care. Most of all I want to say a special Thank You to Dr Bidmead for doing such a feblous job!