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  • Horton General Hospital

    Horton General Hospital Oxford Radcliffe NHS Hospitals Trust Oxford Road

    OX169AL, Banbury

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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Colin Forfar

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      one year ago, Dr C Forfar helped save my husband's life. We were exceptionally lucky to have him care for my husband Colin Sampson in October, 2010.

  • Bernard Prendergast

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      I was referred to Dr Prendergast after my surgery and I must say he made me feel at ease and serene about my condition by the time I left his office. Am always excited and leaves much more alive after my reviews with him. He is just great.

  • Ravi Knight

    Neurophysiologist, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      I have a condition that many doctors have no clue about which leaves it suffers often frustrated. Mr Knight knew about the condition, explained things to me and showed me great understanding and care. I would highly recommend this doctor.

  • Nad Saeed

    Oral And Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      I cannot speak highly enough of Nad Saeed - if you are looking for an excellent surgeon who will always look out for your best interests then look no further.

  • Jamal Grayez

    Pneumologist, Dr.

    • Location: Horton General Hospital

      Excellent care recieved , compassionate , friendly and accessible

  • Andrew Currie

    Oral And Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      Kind, caring. Amazing consultant and fantastic surgeon. We are forever indebted to him for the care he gave our daughter following horrendous facial trauma.

  • Andrew Protheroe

    Clinical Oncologist, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      Extremely approachable, answers all questions fully. Very pleasant manner.

  • Chris S R Hatton

    Hematologist, Dr.

    • Location: Churchill Hospital

      My late husband was lucky enough to be under the care of Mr Hatton and his team. My family and I are eternally grateful to them for their neverending determination to save him and also that of future T-Cell Lymphoma patients. I could never recommend them highly enough. Thank you all. X

  • Adam Darowski

    Geriatrician, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      I was recently seen by Dr Darowski after an unexplained fall. This incident, naturally, worried me - the fall, not the consultation! I could not have been seen by a finer doctor. He listened most attentively to me; more, and very importantly, he treated me as a human being and not simply as a case.

  • Sean Kehoe

    Clinical Oncologist, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • Location: Churchill Hospital

      Mr.Kehoe has a kind manner and did a very neat and successful operation. Many thanks.