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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Guy Dante Sterne

    Plastic Surgeon, Mr.

    • Location: Capio West Midlands Hospital

      I received surgery reformed by Mr Sterne 5 years ago and have recomended him to friends and family.
      I had a tummy tuck Breast lift and implants.
      The treatment from the consultation surgery and after care
      Was marvellous, had no problems

  • Shivan Pancham

    Hematologist, Dr.

    • Location: Birmingham Treatment Centre

      Excellent bedside Manner. Open and honest and explains things clearly without using too much medical jargon. Very Good support to carers. Shows respect to all patients who are under her care and signposts when required to do so. Would recommend her to anyone who required treatment.

  • Roger Vaughan

    Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Mr.

    • Mr. Vaughan operated on me for lung cancer in 2001. At the time I was given a 4% chance of surviving the next 3 months without the surgery and apparently he had only done the procedure I needed twice before. Here I am 12 down the line. Not enjoying exactly the best quality of life, but alive and enjoying it to my full ability. He explained everything to me, helped me make a huge decision in my life and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

  • Raghu Devarajan

    Urologist, Dr.

    • Highly recommended. Treated me and supported me with a UTI (urinary tract infection) from hell. This consultant definitely knows what he's talking about. Top urologist.

  • Teresa Anne (Teri) Millane

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • Location: City Hospital

      Dr Millane is an excellent cardiologist. She is efficient, effective, thorough and caring. She takes the time and trouble to listen to you. She also finds time to supervise and train her assistants. Marvellous!

    • Location: City Hospital

      Very friendly and approachable doctor. Pleased that she will be treating me.

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  • Jonathan Paul North

    Immunologist, Dr.

    • Location: City HospitalService: Immunology

      Dr North has an excellent manner with patients. He has always been chatty, informative, thoughtful and humorous and as a regular patient I do feel he goes that extra mile for me. The staff of the dept are also very pleasant and friendly.

    • Location: Medical Practice

      Dr North is one of the best Dr's I've ever been to. He saw me three times with an 8 year gap in between but still remembered who I was. He spent time explaining everything too me in great detail. A wonderful Dr.

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  • David Spooner

    Clinical Oncologist, Oncologist, Dr.

    • Location: Sandwell General Hospital

      Could be improved:
      Dr Spooner is a top guy....

    • Location: Birmingham Treatment Centre

      Most amazing consultant that I have ever come across. I trust him 100%. His honesty and compassion is unbeatable. Be very happy if you are lucky enough to be under his care.

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  • Sarah Williams

    Clinical Oncologist, Dr.

    • Location: Birmingham Treatment CentreService: Screening for ovarian cancer

      The way she treats the patients, explaining each and every thing. Humble and respectful to all.

      Could be improved:
      She is Perfect.

    • Location: Birmingham Treatment Centre

      I love being treated as an individual and cared for as a unique person and as if it mattered. I am so grateful to Dr Williams and the whole oncology team.

  • John Parkin

    Urologist, Mr.

    • Location: Sandwell General HospitalService: Rigid Cystoscopy

      John Parkin & I have been together for quite a while now & I've come to trust him with my bladder/life.

      Could be improved:
      John Parkin's a fine man, however, I just wish he'd talk a bit more as some of us need this 'ya gonna be alright' thing.

  • Jason Green

    Oral And Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Dr.

    • Service: TMJ implant

      The professionalism of this consultant is second to none -- he is an amazing individual with the charm, patience and attributes that see him in the position that he holds - he really is a lovely person.

      Could be improved:
      Nothing, just pay him loads more -- he is worth his weight in gold - total asset to his profession.

    • Location: City HospitalService: Salivating gland stone removal

      Dr Green is calm, professional and has the bedside manner of a true gentleman. No hints of arrogance, just clinical excellence.

      Could be improved:
      He should be paid more.