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  • Churchill Hospital

    Department of Dermatology Old Road Headington

    OX37LJ, Oxford

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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Jamal Grayez

    Pneumologist, Dr.

    • Location: Horton General Hospital

      Excellent care recieved , compassionate , friendly and accessible

  • Chris S R Hatton

    Hematologist, Dr.

    • Location: Churchill Hospital

      My late husband was lucky enough to be under the care of Mr Hatton and his team. My family and I are eternally grateful to them for their neverending determination to save him and also that of future T-Cell Lymphoma patients. I could never recommend them highly enough. Thank you all. X

  • Sean Kehoe

    Clinical Oncologist, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • Location: Churchill Hospital

      Mr.Kehoe has a kind manner and did a very neat and successful operation. Many thanks.

  • Susan M Burge

    Dermatologist, Dr.

    • Location: Churchill Hospital

      As a patient with a rare hereditary disease, I was very relieved to be seeing Dr Burge. I've seen a great many Derms over the years and have to say she is one of the best. Empathy by the bucket load, she listens, she speaks in a language you understand and she gives you time. She knows her stuff!

  • Niki Karavitaki

    Endocrinologist, Dr.

    • Location: Churchill Hospital

      What a lovely endocrinologist. Intelligent, considerate and very thorough, with a lovely bedside manner. And listened to my story carefully. I feel much better, just for having met her!

  • Joseph Enda McVeigh

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe Hospital

      Well what can we say about Enda, what an amazing man he is. We had the pleasure of this man for a number of years and well, he managed to change our lives forever. A wonderful man whom we will be eternally grateful too... Our son (IVF) is nearly 12, extremely intelligent and such a gifted child.

  • Ling-Pei Ho

    Pneumologist, Dr.

    • Service: respiratory sarcoidosis

      Fantastic consultant. I can't express enough how wonderful this consultant is. Always listens, and acts, has the best knowledge in this country of Sarcoidosis, in its more chronic form. This Dr is God sent - if you are lucky enough to be her patient - rest assured you could not be in better hands.

      Could be improved:
      The qsler chest clinic has a great camaradery among patients. Can't fault it. Clinic may need a lick of paint, but nothing more. Outstanding.

  • Richard Turner

    Dermatologist, Dr.

    • Location: Churchill HospitalService: Malignant melanoma

      All staff including Dr Turner were kind, professional, friendly and empathetic.

    • Location: Churchill Hospital

      Personable and professional.

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  • Jane Collier

    Gastroenterologist, Dr.

    • Location: John Radcliffe HospitalService: diagnosis and aftercare

      Have complete confidence in her ability to give me the best treatment available. Have cleared my hep c in her care and she is now monitoring my cirrhosis. Cannot thank her enough.

    • Location: John Radcliffe HospitalService: Liver issues

      Finally, after 5.5 years of searching and suffering I feel I have found an exceptional, professional and caring doctor with the ability to give me a diagnosis and maybe a treatment plan. This is a doctor in whom you can place your trust. Highly recommended!

      Could be improved:
      Absolutely nothing.

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