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  • BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital

    Osborne Road

    SL43SJ, Windsor

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  • John Philip Huddart Wade

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • P

      Very sound Neurologist with excellent patient skills and willing to explain everything.

    • U
      Location: Medical Practice

      Very kind man. He listened and gave good advice. He is an excellent doctor

  • John Frederick Dooley

    Orthopaedist, Mr.

    • U
      Location: BMI Bishops Wood Hospital

      Very professional, excellent result. I'm delighted.

  • Nicholas Hywel Morgan

    Orthopaedist, Dr.

    • U
      Location: BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital

      Mr Morgan operated on my knee to remove torn and twisted cartilage from my knee in May 2013 and I completed the Valencia Marathon November 2013 in 3hrs 16mins. What more can I say than, excellent surgery, fully recovered.

  • Simon Jeremy Stovold Chataway

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

      I visited Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth in May 2014 for a consultation with Dr Jeremy Chataway.

  • Arash Bahmaie

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Mr.

    • A

      He was fantastic and removed a large ovarian cyst. Reassuring and great bedside manner.

  • Alex Daniel Everitt

    Neurologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: St Mary's HospitalService: Epilepsy

      Highly professional, goes the extra mile, very personable, he really cares. Very knowledgeable.

    • A
      Location: St Mary's Hospital

      Highly professional, very personable manner, always prepared to help. Highly recommended.

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  • Andrew Corin Howard

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr.

    • A
      Location: BMI Thornbury HospitalService: Facet joint injections


      Could be improved:

  • John Fairbank

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • A
      Location: BMI The Princess Margaret HospitalService: Examination for long term problems

      He explained everything clearly and in great detail. Gave more information in the consultation than we had had in 6 years of NHS consultations. Acknowledged that there was a problem AND actually found it! Didn't try to fob us off with creams and anti-biotics. Excellent manner, very professional.

  • Devinder Singh Bansi

    Gastroenterologist, Internist, Dr.

    • U
      Location: Charing Cross HospitalService: Colonoscopy

      The clear information I have been given

  • Shaheen Khazali

    Gynaecologist, Mr.

    • A
      Location: BMI The Runnymede HospitalService: Gynaecological laparoscopy

      I would like to say what a great experience as a patient I had. I have a pleasure work with Mr Khazali in BMI Runnymede so my expectation were high and honestly I was no disappointed. From start to finish. I have been looked after extremely well and would like to say I made right choice. Thank you.

      Could be improved:
      Nothing. Everything excellent.

    • A
      Location: BMI The Runnymede HospitalService: Laparoscopic hysterectomy

      Mr Khazali gave me a thorough and detailed explanation of my hysterectomy so that I had complete confidence in his surgical expertise. The procedure was uneventful and I made a rapid recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Khazali. BH

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