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  • Parijat Bhattacharjee

    Gynaecologist, Mr.

    • C
      Location: another placeService: Outpatient hysteroscopy

      I had a Hysteroscopy procedure today as an out patient with Dr Bhattacharjee. From the first moment when he came to call me himself from the waiting room Dr Bhattacharjee put me at ease. He then clearly explained in detail all about the procedure and what to expect. During the procedure he kept me informed about what was happening and made sure I was comfortable with everything. Afterwards taking the time to go through the images with me and explaining what what I was seeing. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr Bhattacharjee perform my procedure making it a excellent informative experience for me. Having been shown the upmost respect I feel he is kind and excellent professional Gynaecologist.

    • A
      Location: another placeService: Scan

      I took my aunt to Ealing hospital and she was seen by Dr Parijat Bhattacharjee. He immediately put my aunt at ease and explained the procedure she had to go through very well and in detail. Very professional and a very pleasant doctor. I was very impressed with him.

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  • Kailash Desai

    Orthopaedist, Dr.

    • U

      Mr Desai is a brilliant surgeon as I have had ops on my knee, elbow and foot by him. He also has a good bedside manner and displays a kind and professional approach to his patients. His surgery results are wonderful and would always have him for any further limb surgery.

  • Rajiv Vashisht

    General Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, Dr.

    • U
      Location: West Middlesex University Hospital

      Mr Vashisht is very kind, caring and friendly. Each visit he showed his concern and made it pleasant. His ability to talk my language made communicating better as I could discuss into depth my problem.

  • Shankar Sridharan

    Paediatric Cardiologist, Dr.

    • A

      On the final day of our son's holiday in Canada he collapsed. The day he returned we took him to his GP. Not satisfied with the GP's response we took him to Dr Sridharan. We discovered that his D-Dimer levels were 10 times higher than normal. Without Dr Sridharan he might not be here today.

    • A
      Location: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

      A really nice doctor. Great with our baby and managed to stop him crying during scan. Clear explanation. Made us all feel better.

  • Asif Raza

    Urologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Ealing Hospital

      One of the best consultants who knows what his job best.

  • Evangelos Efthimiou

    General Surgeon, Dr.

    • A

      Excellent care, very caring surgeon.

  • John McFadden

    Dermatologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: St Thomas' HospitalService: Diagnosis of cause of skin condition

      Extremely thorough; always punctual (or early); professional; and the only dermatologist that I have been referred to (the third), who has identified the causes and told me how to manage the problem.

      Could be improved:

    • A

      Truly excellent professional service and attention at BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital. Very well done!

  • Jaspal Singh Kooner

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Hammersmith HospitalService: Angiogram

      Outstanding service. The team which is lead by Professor Jaspal Kooner is very professional and caring. Professor J. Kooner is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. Responsible and confident, friendly and patient who knows his job! I am very pleased with service. Ms Manzura Hujanova

    • P
      Location: Hammersmith Hospital

      I attend his outpatient clinic at Hammersmith Hospital, and I had the chance to see him in August 2013. He is very warm & friendly & knowlegeable. He gives you the cofidence & hope that you are in very capable hands. I recommend him any time. God bless him. Sansar Singh Assi

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  • Jasvir Singh Grewal

    Ophthalmologist, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Bmi Syon ClinicService: eye problem

      He was very professional and had a unique, very gentle approach. Mr Grewal took care to listen carefully and got to the root of my problem.

      Could be improved:
      Nothing. I would highly recommend Mr Grewal to my friends and family.

  • Magdy Moawad

    Vascular Surgeon,

    • A
      Service: Vascular surgery

      Excellent caring manner. Explanations clear and concise.

    • P
      Location: St Peter's HospitalService: abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

      pre operation tests and services were extremely good

      Could be improved:
      more information when being discharged

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